as one of the most outstanding Hungarian gymnast of her age was a phenomenal representative of the gymnastics with her beauty, flexibility and delicacy. She started her sports carrier at KSI in 1967, and have finished it after 13 years in the year of the Moscow Olympic Games. Under the guidance of trainers Márta Maráczi and Alíz Kertész, balett master Erika Kiss her beauty towards the esthetical expectations of the gymnastics have been fulfilled, while the more acrobatic challenges of the trainings have been guided by dr. Ernő Tóth and Tibor Rusznák.


As a multiple Hungarian Champion she participated in the Hungarian National Team 17 times, and she put her mark in the Youth National Team when she won a golden medal on balance beam at the Youth Friendship Tournament that took place in 1976 in Győr. She has achieved her best results on this event, however she was well known for being successful as a combined gymnast. As a proof she won the combined competition at the Hungarian International Gymnastics Tournament in one of her most successful year, in 1978. She won on balance beam at the Cup of America, she was a member of the Hungarian National Team which was ranked fourth at the Strasbourg World Championship and as a crown she participated in the final of the balance beam, where she deserved the very valuable 6th place. No surprise that in this year she was ranked tenth place of the World List thank to her wonderful results. At the end of her gymnastics carrier she made an excursion to the world of rhythmic gymnastics, however she could recognize the rebirth of her unparalleled talent in her daughter Csilla’s ballet dancer carrier. With our tournament we wish to salute in front of her wonderful results and outstanding carrier.